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Rights and equality

All children and young people should have an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in order to become active agents for a more equitable world. To ensure that Rights & Equality are at the heart of our programmes, our work is grounded in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. By teaching them about these concepts essential to a fairer world, children and young people take the important step of seeing their peers as equal, no matter their background.

Aflatoun International aims to reach the most vulnerable children and young people around the world. Targeting girls and vulnerable children also contributes to the SDGs, which aim to tackle their persistent exclusion and inequality by empowering them. Specific programmes tailored to vulnerable groups, like extremely poor children, children affected by AIDS, internally displaced children, vulnerable girls and those with disabilities or special needs, are developed and implemented to contribute to our aim of ensuring a more equitable and inclusive quality education.

Other goals from Aflatoun