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Sustainable development

In many countries children and young people do not have the knowledge and skills to actively participate and contribute to their societies, often characterised by weak education systems, poor social services and limited employment opportunities. Their parents likely have never been empowered to provide the support they urgently need. Aflatoun International provides children and young people with the tools for a more sustainable future, ensuring the next generation gets along and ahead in life.

Sustainable development is a central theme in all Aflatoun International programmes. If we are to create a truly sustainable world economy, we have to take into account the value of non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, water and clean air. Our programmes teach children and young people about the importance of these global issues as they also learn about recycling and how waste can be re-used to create new materials and products. As a result, many of the projects that children and young people start focus on finding ways to diminish energy use, create energy in sustainable ways, recycling, using waste materials and improving the environment around them.

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