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Quality of education

Generally speaking, education continues to focus on classic subjects that only partially prepares young people for a rapidly changing world. Very often, they do not get the opportunity to develop transferable life skills they need in life to attain independence, a sustainable future, and secure employment.

It is pivotal that education systems escape the testing trap, breakthrough traditional patterns and focus on ‘quality with relevance’. This does entail content relevance, such as developing national curricula to focus on subjects from local circumstances, but also life skills that allows children to develop aptitudes such as self-awareness, efficacy, independence and entrepreneurship.

We believe that the quality of results is depending on the quality of education. Therefore, teachers need to be trained to the desired level in order to facilitate student learning using creative, child-centred methods. To this end, we provide intensive training of teachers and employ a training of trainers and master-trainers model, which allows our partners to implement quality training workshops for teachers who are new to the programme as required.

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