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Financial independence and entrepreneurship

Understanding how society and money work is essential to secure a future in this world. We believe that every child has the right to build that future and collaborate with all our partners to achieve this goal. Together, we can effect change where it is most needed, reaching the most vulnerable children and young people in society today.

When young people enter the transition to adulthood, they are faced with new challenges as they become part of the general economy as citizens, consumers, labourers and, possibly, employers. Aflatoun International’s Aflateen programme empowers this age group with the rights set of knowledge, skills and attitude to brave this transition and be prepared for the future.

They learn to develop financial knowledge by incorporating practical workshops, including savings clubs, enterprise creation, and community activities in the classes. Aflateen provides young people with the confidence to believe in themselves, plan for their future, save wisely, create income to achieve their dreams, and be financially independent. They can explore the options for a better future and what place they would like to have in it.

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