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Wendy Nagel


Wendy Nagel is director Aflatoun Netherlands and based in AmsterdamWendy is committed to the education of children and young people to help them have the best possible start in life. She has international experience on marketing, communication and fundraising in various organisations as AFC Ajax, the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Bont voor Dieren. 

Wendy has been part of the Aflatoun family since January 2019. 


Why do you work for Aflatoun International?  
Social and financial skills are crucial to leading healthy, productive and happy life. They help children and young people navigate through life and make good choices for themselves and their community.  

Many years I have worked in the sport for development sector. Playing sports, helps children learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. I believe that connecting that sector with the high quality social and financial education of Aflatoun can really make an important impact in a child’s life. I would like to play a role in connecting these two sectors and also create more awareness for the important work of Aflatoun.  

What is your role at the organisation?  
Director Aflatoun Netherlands 

How would you explain what you do to a 5-year-old?   
Aflatoun International is growing rapidly, specifically in the Netherlands. We have a dedicated department working on new projects, fundraising opportunities and the communications strategy.  

Why is social and financial education important?  
Every child and young person, especially the most marginalised, should master these skills and it will empower them to prepare for their future. 

What do you like most about Aflatoun International?  
Aflatoun is a social franchise, this model makes it possible to work with 345 partners in 108 countries and share our curricula through these partners. We have just released our annual report where we could proudly announce that we have reached 10.5 million children in 2019. I think that is an amazing achievement for a small team working from secretariat in Amsterdam. 

What is something NGOs have to deal with that you want to/work to fix?  
It is important that people know how to reach us and to know they can work with our curricula. I hope that I can help make a difference in our brand awareness. Every child deserves the skills that Aflatoun can offer. 

How do you see the future of Aflatoun International?   
We are growing rapidly and I believe that will continue the next 5-10 years, even during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our dream is to reach 20 million children and young people by the end of 2020.

Share with us a motto or quote close to your philosophy of life.  
Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I totally agree and I like to dedicate my time educating people.