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Tadesse Susie

Tadesse Susie is a Coordinator of the Aflatoun Project at Developmental Expertise Centre (DEC) in Ethiopia. Tadesse served as General Manager at D4D Social Trading and as a Aflatoun Coordinator at Dires for Development Charitable Association for about five years. He has been an Instructor of Paralympics Athletics and is a Member of the Ethiopian Paralympics Technical Committee. Tadesse also participated in Ethiopian Youth Paralympics Athletics project competitions as a Talent Identifier and a part of a team, which prepared the Paralympics Athletics coaching manual and the occupational standards.

He has more than six years of working experience with person with disabilities (PWD). Currently, Tadesse is working with PWD and is coordinating with 12 disabled Aflatoun teachers and one sign language translator on a project benefiting more than 1310 children with disabilities in 19 special need schools, rehabilitation centre and disability associations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He holds a BA degree in Management from Bahirdar University and a BE Degree in Sport Science from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.