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Olivier van Riet Paap

Olivier is from thNetherlands and has been on our board since 2013, focusing on the strategic direction and the sustainability of the organisation. 

He leads the Amsterdam office of Bridgepoint, an international alternative asset fund management group, where he is responsible for the Benelux business. Prior to that, he worked at 3i where he focused exclusively on the Benelux market and before that, he spent 10 years at McKinsey. Olivier has a Master Degree in Economics from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands. 


Why Aflatoun International?  

Aflatoun is a unique movement where NGOs, governments and other types of partners from all over the world work together to realise the important mission of delivering social and financial education to children and youth. It is a grass roots movement, with the partners responsible for implementing the programme in their respective geographies, supported by a small supportive secretariat in Amsterdam focused on networking, research and advocacy. The ‘demand’ for Aflatoun is evidenced by the yearly contributions made by the partners to contribute to and benefit from the global movement. 

What is your focus as a board member?  

As members of the Supervisory Board, we have an ongoing dialogue with the management team on the strategic direction of Aflatoun and topics related to the (long term) sustainability of the Aflatoun movement. 

Why is social and financial education important? 

Globally there is (rightfully) a lot of focus on addressing ad hoc needs for people living in challenging conditions (poverty, health, etc.). However, it is equally important people are empowered to structurally improve the conditions in which they leave. Providing children and youth social and financial educations provides them the structural awareness, capabilities, tools and confidence to get along and get ahead in life. It is important to invest in building financial skills, while building a strong social foundation. With the right empowerment, children and youth can effectively contribute to improving the conditions the live in, while also positively impacting the communities and ecosystems they are part of  

What do you like most about Aflatoun? 

The positive / ‘can do’ mindset of Aflatoun partners to effectively contribute to a structurally better world and the partners’ willingness to work together, learn from each other and actively share curricula among a group of partners working around the world on the same topics. 

How do you see the future of Aflatoun International? 

Despite currently already working with 10 million children and youth around the world, the need for social and financial education is only increasing; a large part of children and youth in formal and non-formal settings unfortunately still do not have access to the important building blocks of social and financial education. Our vision is to further expand the reach of the Aflatoun movement by working with more partners around the world, with the ultimate goal of integration of the social and financial concept in the national curricula, whilst continuing to keep the curricula relevant, developing innovative delivery models and ensuring marginalized children and youth continue remain supported. 

Please share with us a motto or quote close to your philosophy of life. 

Get along and get ahead.