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Nadia R. Moreno

Nadia Moreno is currently working as a Senior Programme Officer for Child and Youth Development at Children International (CI). CI is a global humanitarian organisation that works to end all dimensions of poverty through multifaceted, long-term approach to child development. CI embeds itself in vulnerable, population-dense areas, where it delivers customised support and individualised growth opportunities – empowering youth to change their lives and deliver positive impact to their communities. Ms. Moreno oversees the Empowerment Programmes that focus on life and social responsibility skills.

Before joining CI, Ms. Moreno led the A Ganar Programme at Partners of the Americas (Washington DC), which utilises soccer and other team sports to help at-risk youth (age group -18-24 years) in LAC find a job, go back to school or start their own business. She has also worked with Soccer in the Streets (Atlanta, Georgia) and Fundacion Fundem (Bogota, Colombia). She has extensive experience in using sport as a tool for social change, youth development and community outreach work.

Ms. Moreno holds a Master’s Degree in Sport for Social Coexistence and Conflict Resolution (UOC) and received her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Sociology from Emory University. Ms. Moreno is a firm believer in the power of sports to change lives.