Cor L. J. Vink is a former executive in several education organisations in the Netherlands, UK, USA and Australia. Currently, he is actively engaged in strengthening capacities of start-ups, data-deliverers and mature organisations in this field. Cor joined the Aflatoun board in order to help Aflatoun facilitate the transition to online learning where possible and find the best ways to reach out to more and more children in the coming years.

Why Aflatoun International?
Aflatoun has a great goal and it is already on the track of reaching this goal: to serve more than 20 million children and young people per year all around the world with 10plus hours of extra quality education on social and financial skills.

What is your focus as a board member?
The focus is on our future in a more “online” world and I am a part of the financial team.

Why is social and financial education important?
It is important for me personally. I believe that social and financial skills can help every child to survive (economical and psychological) and prosper in this world.

How do you see the future of Aflatoun International?
I put my energy in Aflatoun to help it become more well known and therewith be able to help more than 20 million children per year around the world.

Please share with us a motto or quote close to your philosophy of life?
Act well, look forward and stay positive!