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Chitra Mookerjee

Chitra enjoys working with young, motivated people at Aflatoun.

She worked for a short while as a teacher in India, then controlled fabric for the Banana Republic and Gap and now in the Netherlands after years in the corporate world, she is happy to be in an environment where the work she does translates to improving the lives of children and young people. She feels inspired and happy that what Aflatoun International is doing as an organisation has impacted the lives of children-especially the most vulnerable and it gives them a chance to improve their futures.


Why Aflatoun International?

The idea of working in an organisation that helps children keeps me motivated. I am happy to be able to make a small contribution to this process. 

What is your role in the organisation? 

I’m the HR Officer and Personal Assistant to Roeland Monasch, CEO of Aflatoun International.

How would you explain to a 5-year-old, what you do?  

I ensure that the people working at Aflatoun and the CEO have a smooth work environment so they could roll out our programmes more effectively. 

Why is social and financial education important? 

It is very important because it helps children prepare for the future and gives them the capabilities to take charge of their lives.  

What do you like most about Aflatoun International? 

The strong programming and the devotion and commitment of all working in the organisation. 

What is something NGOs have to deal with that you want to/work to fix? 

In our case, I would like to ensure that the Aflatoun curriculum reaches all the children and young people our partners work with and that governments are also making the necessary efforts to implement it.

How do you see the future of Aflatoun International?   

We have a bright future because the work we do is indispensable for a world with such a great divide between rich and poor. I believe and the only way to help the less fortunate is to provide social and financial education. 

Share with us a motto or quote close to your philosophy of life. 

As long as there is life, there is hope.