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Ashmi Krishnan

Ashmi has recently completed her MSc Public Administration at Leiden University. Before that, she completed her Master’s Degree in Development from India. Since her undergrad, Ashmi has been engaged in the non-profit sector, first as a volunteer and later, full-time. She worked as a research associate in a legal policy-based non-profit before moving to the Netherlands to pursue her second master’s degree. Her interests are quite broad – from governance and institutional issues to children rights.

What is your role at Aflatoun International?

Research intern

What do you like most about the organisation?

Everyone here is dedicated to Aflatoun’s vision and are kind and forthcoming. This makes for a great working environment.

What do you get out of this internship?

I have the fortune to meet wonderful people at Aflatoun and I am also learning the impact Social and Financial Education has on the lives of children and young people.

Why is social and financial education important? 

Equipping a disadvantaged child or an adult with social and financial skills is empowering and allows them to make informed decisions for their lives. This in return contributes to them being independent and can help them break the cycle of distress they are in.

Share with us a motto or a quote close to your philosophy of life. 

The (Hindu) philosophy of Karma – “Good thoughts and actions will only lead to good results/effects”.