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Aref Farouk Husseini

Aref Husseini is an electrical engineer, physicist and novelist from Jerusalem/Palestine and has worked across industrial and educational fields as developer and researcher over the past 17 years. Mr. Husseini has founded Al-Nayzak – an organisation for scientific innovation in Palestine. In 2008, Mr. Husseini was chosen by Synergos foundation in the United States as one of the first 22 Arab social innovators.

Mr. Husseini is also an author who published his first Novel ‘Goy Shabbat’ in April 2012, and his second novel ‘Relative Taboo’ in 2017.

Mr. Husseini headed the national team for official Technology Curricula Development at the Ministry of Education and has been appointed by the Prime Minister’s office to be a member at the National Committee for Educational Reform. In 2013, Mr. Husseini was selected by the President’s Office in Palestine to be a member of the HCIE- Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence. In early 2018, he was nominated to serve as a member at the Higher Education Council.

In early 2019, Mr. Husseini completed a special programme at MIT, and has been certified in AI and its implications in future business strategies.