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Ana Yris Guzman

Ana Yris Guzmán is the co-founder and Executive President of the Educational Organisation based in Puerto Rico, Nuestra Escuela (Our School), founded in 2000. In addition to the centres in Puerto Rico.

Ana Yris is committed to the education of girls, boys and young people, she has focused her energies and knowledge on developing an educational services model that enhances the talent of young people who, for various reasons, have moved away from the traditional school. She is a specialist in academic and bio-psychosocial approach and has vast experience working on educational projects that, in addition to attending the formative aspect of children and young people, offer tools for personal development, leadership, healing, strengthening their affective dimension with their families and creating ventures.

Ana Yris has been part of the Aflatoun Network since 2010 and joined the Global Advisory Board in 2019.