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Aflateen, the programme targeting teenagers, plays an important role in addressing issues faced by young people today. It is crucial that they understand money and the markets that increasingly affect them as they become consumers, workers and producers. This greatly improves their opportunities for the future, as it prepares young people for a complex and turbulent job market.

In the classes they explore concepts as age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status and religion, but also the key Aflatoun theme of financial education. After facilitated sessions looking at these themes, young people develop financial knowledge by incorporating practical activities, including savings clubs, enterprise creation, and community activities.

Between 2011 and 2016, the Aflateen curriculum was piloted in 50 countries and is now being scaled up towards national level in countries such as Nigeria. The Aflateen curriculum is now being complemented by Aflateen Digital, an online e-learning platform for young people. Aflateen Digital brings social and financial skills to young people worldwide in an entertaining and economic way. Aflateen Digital reinforces the power of learning by playing and sharing, and taps into the natural talent of young people to work with digital media.