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Aflateen+ Digital

Aflatoun International embraces new technologies which have the potential to strengthen educational systems and increase reach and impact. Access to mobile technology is rapidly transforming our ability to reach those who have been previously excluded from skills building programmes. We believe that equipping teachers with pedagogical tools and access to information can bring about large social change.
Aflateen+ digital is an organised series of digital learning path on financial education and life skills for children and young people.

What is Aflateen+ digital?

Aflateen + digital is an organised series of digital learning path on financial education and life skills for children and young people.

This is based on a well-researched Aflateen+ Life Skills and Financial Education through a Gender Lens.

With this storyboard individuals, institutions, corporations, INGOs could create their own unique learning journeys for their target audience.


At Aflatoun, we believe in empowering the learner to be autonomous and affect change in their environment. With this in mind, the topics cover personal development, personal finance and enterprise finance.

Content composition

This digital learning path speaks to a universal audience. The learning journeys, characters, environment (background), dialogues could be contextualised for different target groups. The digital learning includes interactive animation, text, audio, images with text, and games.

Transform any character from the ethnicity all the way to the appearance.


The digital learning path is based on constantly improving Active methodologies applied by Aflatoun throughout our training. Here, the focus is empowering the child or young person to be an active participant in the learning experience.

Enter the world of personalised dialogues with emphasis on the need-to-knows rather than nice-to-knows.


What to do:

Aflatoun provides the files with characters, backgrounds, text voice overs (with the need-to-knows on the topic), quizzes to assess entry and output behaviours plus what has been learned on topics.

The individuals, institutions, corporations, INGOs could use their in-house animators and training/learning experts to create a bespoke learning journey and or liaise with Aflatoun to assist in the creation process.

Aflatoun has samples of work to share upon request. However, this document and it’s peripherals are not full representations of what we are providing. To benefit fully from the storyboard (script) or learning experience, additional work has to be undertaken on the content.

For more information about the Aflateen+ Digital platform send an email to: