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Globally, there are 600 million adolescent girls in developing countries who experience challenges in accessing education services. All too often, these girls are also victims of discrimination and violence. Compared to boys, they often have limited access to education, knowledge, resources and skills leading to economic empowerment and advancement.

For this reason, Aflatoun’s gender inclusive materials (Aflateen+) were designed to meet the evolving needs of students in diverse contexts and can be adapted to relevant local situations.

It is important to note that the Aflateen+ content is designed to be used with boys and girls together, but can be used with girls only if safe spaces for girls are preferred for both formal and non-formal education settings. In addition to our social (life skills) and financial education, it has entrepreneurship and employability components with a gender lens, delivered through participant centered learning methods.

For more information about the Aflateen + programme, contact [email protected].